Measures to Protect the Environment

Environmental Philosophy

Nippon Signal promotes initiatives protecting and bettering the earth's environment to create a reassuring world for us all, shaping a more comfortable society through "Safety and Reliability" technology.

Environmental Policy

Nippon Signal provides environmentally-friendly products and services, reducing the environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle, from development to final disposal, reaching a beneficial balance between business activities and environmental protection initiatives.

  1. Nippon Signal will consider the impact of its business activities on the environment, promoting resource and energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling, while curbing environmental pollution and improving a sustainable environmental management system.
  2. Nippon Signal will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and other agreements, while adhering to voluntary corporate control standards.
  3. Nippon Signal will integrate environmentally-conscious technology from the design stage of new product development.
  4. Nippon Signal will establish specific goals and targets for protecting the environment within achievable technical and economical limits to realize this environmental policy, with periodic reviews to ensure continued improvements.
  5. Nippon Signal will document this environmental policy to ensure awareness throughout the company and share the policy with the public while implementing and promoting each initiative.
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