Railway Signal Systems

Nipppon Signal supports many railway companies in Japan.
Our most reliable mobility system of Japan with sustainable technology is always supporting safe railway operations of Shinkansen, the highest speed level, Urban Metro and Major Private Railways, the highest traffic density in the world.

Contributing to reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Nippon Signal provided Level Crossing system for JR-EAST Kesennuma Line.
After Tsunami disaster, temporary opened by BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in 2012.


PRC/CTC system(ATS) for IZUHAKONE Railway

(PRC: Programmed Route Control)
(CTC: Centralized Traffic Control)
(ATS: Automatic Train Supervision)

LED information board for Tokyo Major Private Railway

Route map display board with Operation and Delay information.
Voice guidance is also available and very easy to understand and friendly to passenger.

New type LED information board for Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau

Multi color LED with multi information.

Voice guidance is also available and very easy to understand and friendly to foreign passenger.

LED information board for Tokyo Metro Training center

AFC Systems

NS provided the first total AFC system in Japan (1971).

Many railaway companies use our Station Platform Safety Door system.

Platform Screen Door for Tokyo Metro

Platform Screen Door Wire Rope type for Tokyo Major Private Railway

We also provide our Airport Automatic Passenger Gate system to Japan's major Airline.

World first Station Automatic IC Passenger Gate with Delay certificate function for Odakyu Electric Railway

Security Gate for Urban Hotel & Office Building

Blueline gate

Stylish Gate

Traffic Information Systems

Nippon Signal supports Japan's National road traffic management.
We provide Universal Traffic Management system, Local Controllers and LED traffic signal lights.

Parking Information Systems

Nippon Signal's parking solution in Japan.

Gate type parking system

Fare Adjustment Machine


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