Privacy Policy

Nippon Signal considers the protection of information that can be used to identify an individual (herein referred to as "personal information") both of critical importance and our social responsibility. We undertake the following to fulfill this responsibility.

  1. Nippon Signal endeavors to safeguard personal information by implementing employee education and assigning a chief information administrator in each division to handle the management of personal information.
  2. Nippon Signal takes precautions to safeguard all personal information retained by the company from unauthorized access, loss, tampering, or misuse through the implementation of reasonable and technological measures.
  3. Nippon Signal does not share private information with third parties without the consent of the individual concerned, except where warranted.
  4. Nippon Signal outsources some tasks to third parties involving the sharing of personal information. In such cases, the contractor is required to sign an agreement to protect all personal information, while Nippon Signal consistently supervises to ensure the safeguarding of personal information against leaks or disclosure to other entities.
  5. Nippon Signal follows a compliance program, strictly adhering to laws protecting privacy, and regularly reassesses this program in terms of improvement.
  6. Nippon Signal acquires personal information only for specific purposes. While such purposes are published and the customer is informed of the purposes, a point of contact is also provided for information regarding this corporate policy.

Questions and comments regarding the handling of personal information may be directed to the following office:
General Affairs Department, The Nippon Signal Co. Ltd.

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