Environmental Objectives

These objectives are reviewed and revised on a yearly basis as part of our initiative to improve and protect the environment.

3rd Stage Environmental Action Plan

The Environmental Action Program is formulated for 3-year periods, while environmental activities are promoted on a continual basis.

After receiving ISO4001recognition in 2002, initial activities were implemented through FY 2004, with 3-year mid-range action plans implemented twice since.

  • 1st Stage Environmental Action Plan: FY 2005 through FY 2007
  • 2nd Stage Environmental Action Plan: FY 2008 through FY 2010

The 3rd Stage Environmental Action Plan, which started in 2011, is detailed below.

Environmental Objective Index Target Values
(initial year)
FY 2012
(intermediate year)
(final year)
Develop environmentally-friendly products Eco-label products/ New product development 20% or more 20% or more 20% or more
Reduce environmental impact via operational improvements No. of improvements (per year)/no. of employees 2% or more improvements 2% or more improvements 2% or more improvements
Prevent global warming CO2 emissions reduction compared to 2004 18% or more 19% or more 20% or more
Promote zero emissions Waste recycling rate 93% or more 97% or more 98% or more
Social contributions to environment No. of annual activities/site 2 or more 2 or more 2 or more
Enhance environmentally-friendly mindset Successful eco-exam applicants/No. of employees 30% or more 50% or more 70% or more
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