Corporate History

December 1928
Mimura Factory, Shiota Factory and Railway Signal Corporation merge to form Nippon Signal Co., Ltd., targeting the manufacture and sales of all types of signal security systems, including electrical, mechanical, and turnout signals, backed with 1 million yen in capital investment.
December 1937
Yono Factory is established in Urawa City (now Saitama City), Saitama Prefecture, and begins manufacture of signal systems equipment.
April 1948
Osaka branch opens.
May 1949
Nippon Signal is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1950
Osaka Factory is established (name is changed to Osaka Branch Office Annex in October 2003)
October 1961
Nippon Signal is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange.
November 1962
Utsunomiya Plant is established in Tochigi Prefecture.
April 1964
Ageo Plant is established in Saitama Prefecture.
April 1987
Osaka Branch is renamed Osaka Branch Office.
October 1989
Technical Research Center is constructed; Yono Factory and Utsunomiya Factory are renamed Yono Plant and Utsunomiya Plant, respectively.
May 2001
Kuki Plant is established in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, operating as an amalgamated R&D and administrative center, providing support for Nippon Signal as an innovative and progressive company.
June 2001
Headquarters relocates to Tokyo's Toshima Ward.
July 2002
Second-phase construction of Kuki Plant is completed. Design, production, and all other remaining functions of Yono Plant are transferred to the Kuki Plant, which starts full operation as the Yono Plant is closed down.
July 2003
Visionary Business Center (VBC) is established.
September 2005
Osaka Branch Office Annex is closed.
December 2005
Osaka Branch Office relocates to Chuo Ward in Osaka.
April 2006
R&D Center is renamed "Research Center" while a new Development Center assumes the role of promoting basic research and core technology for each business field. (In October 2009, the Research Center and Development Center are merged to create the R&D Center.)
June 2007
Headquarters relocates to Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward.
April 2009
International Business Division is established to strengthen Nippon Signal's competitive edge in the overseas market.
December 2010
Osaka Branch Office relocates to Kita Ward in Osaka.
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